what happens with Families when employer terminates account?

My employer signed up a business 1Password account, and as part of that, I have the opportunity to get a free Families membership. Sounds great and all, but how long would I have to export my data or transfer it to a different account once that link was broken or the work account was deleted?

Let's suppose one Friday I'm part of a group they round up and fire. They would of course disable all access, and they might even delete me entirely from 1Password the same day. Would everything for all users in the linked Families account get deleted at the same time, or would 1Password send out a notice, something along the lines of "You have 30 days to export your data or transfer it to a new personal Families plan before it gets deleted"?

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    Your 1Password Families membership will remain active as long as it’s linked to your business account. If you’re preparing to leave your team, you can unlink your family account and add a payment method to keep using it.

    Get a free 1Password Families membership when you use 1Password Business

  • Thanks, but that doesn't really address the scenario I'm asking about, which is where I cannot prepare -- the employer account could be deleted within an hour, giving me no time to unlink things. What happens in that case? Are all family accounts just gone?

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    The family account is a separate account which is under your control. Only the linking to the account being a perk of employment will disappear. At that time you'll need to add your billing details to the Family account.

    • Make sure to use a personal email address when setting up the family account. Not something tied to your employer.

    To redeem your free membership, link your family account to your business account. Only your subscription status will be linked. No other information is shared.

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