The Removal of Credit Cards and Identities From Suggestions

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From the recent 1PX Beta:


  • Suggestions in the pop-up have been revamped to be more inline with the in-page suggestions. {!5090}

I wouldn't really call this an improvement, but I'm also not going to argue about it because we did that before back in Spring of 2019 and it's just not worth it to go through it again. If it stays, then it is what it is and I'll likely just cancel and move to a different product full time. However, I am curious as to why this is being changed now?

You first did this when you launched your new filling brain and 1P mini with the macOS 7.3 version, removing the Cards/Identities from under Suggestions by default based on the logic that your new brain would properly display Cards/Identities in the Suggestions when the page called for it. And, when the page didn't, we could just search for it or dig through the dropdown. There were a myriad of posts/comments detailing why this behavior and the search/dropdown workaround were not ideal (some of which were lost when threads were closed/forked/etc during the course of this) for users and so Cards/Identities were added back.

What is different that you now feel removing the Cards/Identities again is the best course of action, especially when leaving them there decreases friction for those who need them and can be easily ignored by people who do not?

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  • nickmcguire
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    Heya @andmade

    As one of the folks who works on the browser experience, as we've continued to improve the suggestions within the page and wanted to better suggest the same sort of thing within the pop-up. This means that we'll continue to suggest logins, credit cards, identities, and (newly) the password generator when you open the pop-up.

    This being released to beta is a way to get feedback (both internally and externally) on this sort of change, so I'd absolutely love your thoughts after giving it a shot.

  • andmade
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    I have used it for a couple of days now and have had 3 instances of the Identity not popping up in suggestions when I needed to fill in an address, meaning I had to deal with the extension search to get the Identity field to pop up. One of those instances is an internal site I use semi-regularly (the other 2 were ordering delivery).

    My personal experience right now is that I really gain nothing from the change and in fact lose some efficiency. If this change was solving some problem, I could at least understand even if I didn't like it— but it honestly just seems to be creating a problem with no readily discernable benefit as to why. Is it really that big of a deal if the extension shows other suggestions not in the inline pop-up? If the suggestions were showing in the inline pop-up, people would probably just click them, so if they're opening the extension it's likely to get at one that isn't showing. If I had to guess, then I suppose it's another somewhat overzealous mechanism to protect a user from pressing these items accidentally, but why not let the popup you use on inline suggestions do that? As I do notice that almost everytime I hit the inline card suggestion now, I get a popup asking me if I really want to fill in these items (actually, the lack of the popup when auto-filling these items on the extension was part of the appeal too...but I'd rather that then they be gone entirely);

  • ag_yaron
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    Thank you kindly for the additional feedback here @andmade !

    We've taken it into consideration and will change things according to users feedback as we keep receiving it, so thank you very much for this :+1:

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