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Hello everybody, we hope you're enjoying the new 1Password 4 for iOS app.

By now, you should already be able to install 1Password on your devices from the HockeyApp invite we sent you. **Note: ** Ignore the part about registering your devices, it's not important since we're doing things differently on our backend.

Here are a few things you need to know about 1Password 4 and it's current limitations:

1. Please back up your data if you intend to use it with 1Password 4, there are some gotchas with using 1Password 4 for iOS with 1Password 3 for Macs or 1Password for Windows.

a. If you edit your account items in 1Password 4, those items will be converted into Login items in 1Password 3. The information beside the username/password/URL data such as the custom fields will not be shown in 1Password 3 for Mac or 1Password for Windows app. It'll require the 1Password 4 updates.

b. At the moment, please do not replace those Logins with newer user/password data in the browser extensions. Doing so will result into the data loss of those all fields data. We're working on updating the browser extensions to retain those data.

c. The reason we did this is because Accounts are no longer available due to the confusion between Logins and Accounts, so now it's just Logins with the new expanded custom fields/sections support.

2. Please do test both your current data files and also create a fresh new one with the app. In addition, there is also merge support in the iOS app if it detects a different data file. So, you can create a few new items, then set up the sync using Dropbox or iTunes File Sharing that already have your 1Password data on it, 1Password will ask if you'd like to merge them.

3. iCloud data sync is only available for iOS devices with iOS 6 and 1Password 4. Mac support will come later but will not be a focus in this beta project

Important: Any data you stored via the iCloud sync will not be available in the final release of 1Password 4 for iOS at the iOS App Store. This is due to the sandboxing restrictions, the beta app and the official app have different IDs, so iOS will prevent 1Password from copying the Beta data. So be sure to backup your data before the beta project expires if you need it.

4. If you see iCloud grayed out in the Sync settings, it is because you have iCloud's Documents & Data disabled, please enable it in iCloud settings in to allow 1Password to sync with iCloud

5. Please join our translation project if you can help with the translations.

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