Firefox extension is slow, autofill doesn't work on

When signing into, I've noticed that the extension is reliably slow to open and autofill does not work.


  1. Navigate to
  2. Focus the username input box
  3. Use cmd-\ to autofill
  4. Wait 2-3 seconds
  5. 1Password dialog comes up showing my Firefox login and 3 other irrelevant entries
  6. Manually click the AutoFill button in the popup
  7. Popup dismisses, nothing else happens

A few unexpected things here.

Step 4: It's uncharacteristically slow to bring up results. Other sites are done autofilling within ~1/2 second of me hitting the key combo.

Step 5: It shouldn't be popping up to ask me at all, because I only have one Login item associated with this site. The other 3 items are Identity items that don't mention Mozilla or Firefox at all. I only have 3 Identity items total, so I suppose it's surfacing all of them for some reason. I've double-checked that the associated website for the Login item is correct -- it is (verbatim: though it also includes a secondary website (verbatim:

Step 7: There's no indication of why autofill fails. The dialog dismisses itself after I press the button and then... nothing.

I have upward of 200 Login items in 1Password, but this is the only one that exhibits any of these issues.

Here's a screenshot of the Login item in question with all fields visible.

Here's what I get when I try cmd-\.


  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member

    Hi @seansfkelley! Welcome to the forum!

    I would not be surprised if all of this is due to the website itself, since Mozilla does not allow any extensions to fill on their domain. You can read some more details about this in this post from one of our developers, in case you are interested.

  • Oh, I see, that makes sense. I wasn't able to find that post or any other documentation on the problem. Thanks!

  • nhat_1Pnhat_1P

    Team Member

    Thank you for letting us know. It is great to hear that everything works for you again with Ana's help. Please feel free to give us a shout if you need anything, and have a great week

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