1Password Beta won't fill payment form field: Your Name

See masked Screen Shot. No personal information visible. 1Password will not fill the field called Your Name. Also, the iPasswordX icon doesn't appear in that field.

I was able to add a custom field named Email and that solved the problem of 1Password not filling the E-Mail field.

I didn't try to automate the Employer and Occupation fields since I am retired and this is simply a check mark. But it should be automated in 1Password. All political contributions must include Employer and Occupation.

1Password Version: 1Password 7 Version 7.7.1.BETA-9 (70701009) 1Passw
Extension Version: 1.24.3
OS Version: OSX 10.15.7
Sync Type: 1Password


  • ag_yaron
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    Hey @FogCityNative ,
    Thanks for reporting this.

    I tested the website but it seems 1Password works as it supposed to if you have every field filled out in the identity item: http://recordit.co/DNEC86AIRW

    1Password should not show up in the name field (or any other regular text field) except for username fields, email fields and credit card fields. Otherwise, 1Password would show up everywhere, which is super intrusive. We've had that before and toned it down due to users feedback.

    Can you please edit your existing identity item, or create a new one, and make sure to fill out as many fields as possible, then test and see if you are able to autofill the form like I did in my video?

    Also, I did not see the employer and occupation fields when I accessed that website, did you click on anything specific to see those fields?

  • FogCityNative
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    edited March 2021

    I think you need to select an amount you intended to donate to see the employer and occupation fields.

    I do not understand what you mean to edit my existing identity. I have multiple identities and they all seem to be complete as to the major items needed on this form. What am I missing?

    There is a field called USERNAME but where I am using this data is on e-commerce sites, ordering products or making donations. Why would I have a username and password stored in my identity as opposed to being stored with the record for a specific site?

    Should I be entering this identify information in the credit card record instead of or in addition to the identity record?

  • ag_yaron
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    I tried selecting an amount but nothing triggered the extra fields you show in your screenshot.
    In any case, when you edit or create an identity item in your 1Password 7 desktop app, there's a long list of fields you can fill your info in.

    For example, if you scroll down while editing an existing identity item, you'll see a section called "Internet details", under which there will be an email field. If you don't have that field filled in, then your identity item will not be able to autofill your email address in such forms.

    Notice how I filled out most of the fields in the main personal details area, including my occupation, the company I work in etc. These should autofill the extra fields you have in your screenshot.
    Your first name and last name should be autofilled together into the name field on the website.
    Your email should be autofilled from the "Internet details" section in the identity item.

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