How to sync 1Password Android Version v7.7.3 with 1Password v7 in a folder based way?

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I am using 1Password v7 on a Windows PC without subscription. I have converted my old vault from AgileKeychain format into OPVault with v7. After that, I have copied the OPVault files manually to my android smartphone, which is using the 1Password App v7.7.3 and all logins where there, great. After that, I have done some tests, like deleting 10 entries in the vault on my smartphone. After deleting a single entry, the Android app shows some popup with a sync message. Ok it seems some local file is synced here.

After that, I copied the same untouched OPVault files from my Windows PC with 1Password v7 again to my android smartphone, to see if the 10 deleted entries comes back, but they don’t.

My questions is, where are the login credentials stored in android? And why I cant just overwrite the OPVault files on my smartphone to restore the original vault?

My goal is, having a 1Password master installation (v7) on my Windows PC (where all the changes are made) and having a 1Password slave installation on my android smartphone (where never ever changes are made) which pulls frequently the OPVault files from the master. This could by easily done by some folder sync software. But the android 1Password app seems to ignore the overwritten OPVault files. What I am doing wrong here?

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    Hi @lebowski. 1Password was designed to sync back and forth between devices, not to sync one way from one device to another. So if you make changes on both devices, the changes will sync. This is indeed the same as if you were syncing using a folder sync app or something like Dropbox.

    When you delete an item, 1Password turns it into something called a tombstone. This a little placeholder for the deleted item so that synced devices know that you're syncing a deletion. And since sync works both ways, the change with the later timestamp is what "wins".

    I strongly recommend switching over to a 1Password membership, as it will allow you to seamlessly sync data on all of your devices, without needing to manually copy your folders. Since the method you're using isn't a sync method, per se, you may run into some unexpected issues with it that we won't be able to troubleshoot.

    Otherwise I'd recommend refraining from making any changes on Android, or disabling sync on that device, if you don't intend for the Android to be able to sync anything.

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