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I'm setting up our business environment. Can I invite (or setup) a mix of users with Teams and/or Business accounts?

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    Hi @B_Hermans! Welcome to the 1Password Support Community.

    With 1Password Business and Teams, you can invite both a mix of full Team Members and Guests to your account. Here's a quick overview of who you can invite.

    Team Members are full users in an account. They have their own Private vault which only they can view and access. They also have access to the default Shared vault and any other vaults they are added to by an administrator. The Team Members group is ideal for all employees.

    Guests are ideal for sharing information with people on a limited and temporary basis. They don’t have their own Private vaults and only have access to a single vault which an administrator or owner can choose. Contractors, outside accountants, and clients are ideal for inviting as a Guest. You can learn more about these two sets of users in the links below:

    Use the built-in groups in your team

    Share with guests in your team

    To your exact question, every 1Password account is a separate silo, complete with its own set of users, vaults, and settings. When you invite someone to your business or team account, even if they're already part of another existing account, they'll need to join your team as a new user. They'll create their Master Password and receive their very own Emergency Kit for this new account, which will contain their new Secret Key and other sign-in details).

    I hope this helps but let me know if I've misunderstood your question regarding mixing users. 👍

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