Can vaults be cloned?

We work in a team environment and on many clients. Each vault will correspond to a client and as we implement a common set of cloud systems (e.g. web server, ERP system, Cx System, etc.) for our clients, the login entries will be the same and just differ in terms of the actual credentials. By setting up a template vault where we can create dummy entries of systems we typically implement, we would like to be able to clone the vault so the entries are provided, and we just fill in the actual credentials.

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  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Hi @Reystarr! Welcome to the forum!

    You cannot clone the vault itself, but you can quickly copy all of its contents into a new vault if you wish:

    Move and copy items

    So you only need to create the new vault as a first step, then you can move everything in one step :)

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