Watchtower marks item as compromised even though the pasword was changed after breach

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Noticed today when setting up a new Android phone that the Watchtower in the Android app marks my Facebook password as compromised by breach from March 2019, even though I changed the password in November 2020.

Windows app does not mark the item as compromised. iOS app on iPad is also OK.

Is this a bug or can I do something to fix this on my side?

1Password Version: 7.7.4
Extension Version: n/a
OS Version: Android 11
Sync Type: Cloud and Dropbox


  • peri
    edited March 2021

    Hi @finwe. I've seen this behavior on my end as well, and reported it to our developers. For now, you can remove the Watchtower notification by updating the password field for this item from Android.

    ref: dev/android/onepassword-android#1159

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