How long to set up 1 Password

About 2 years ago I attempted to set up 1 Password. It was recommended to me by someone from our IT department. However, when I signed up and started (cannot remember the details), I just recall it taking an insane amount of time and being frustrated. I know my password management is archaic and needs improvement, and I keep hearing 1 Password is the way to go... I'm just reluctant to jump in again because I frankly don't have the time to commit to it.

Can someone "sell" me, or point me to the down and dirty 15 minute set up option (if it exists)?

How about this... Is there a paid service out there that can do it for me?


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    Hi @baldcaldwell!

    I would recommend starting from this article:

    Get started with 1Password

    And then I would recommend a guide specific to your operating system. For example, this is the one for 1Password for Mac:

    Get to know 1Password for Mac

    Then of course, if you have specific questions, the community is here to help you :)

  • @baldcaldwell For me I had around 200 passwords to add and it was in an excel document and a fair few 'forgotten' passwords.

    It took me around 5 minutes to get the account set up and installed on the devices I wanted, and get my 'recovery' strategy sorted.

    The actual password import if you like took around 4 hours, this was time well spent, and whilst initially 1 Password and other managers take a bit of time, once you're set up it is seamless to make any changes, add new log ins or re arrange your library!

    It really is time well spent, and a one time commitment.

    If you want help then the guides Ana has posted above are helpful, or I can provide some recommendations once I know your OS' and situation in a little more detail :)

  • Thank you both! I will look into your suggestions. I have to figure out where I am going to find the time to do this....

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    You are welcome @baldcaldwell! Let us know if there is anything we can do to help :)

  • Well here we go.... I attempted to get started. I created a master password. Installed the program for my Mac. It asked me for the master password. It didn't like that. So, I thought maybe since I did this a couple years ago, it is looking for the master password I created back then. I tried that. It didn't work. Now I'm stuck. Any ideas.....?

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    Please ensure that you can log in to and know your Master Password. Also print out a copy of your Emergency Kit if you have not already done so.

    When you are ready to proceed, use the instructions below to reset the Mac app and allow it to be setup anew.

    1. Open or bring 1Password to the front.

    2. Click on Help (at the very top of the screen to the right of the Apple icon) > Troubleshooting > Reset All 1Password Data. You will be asked to type in a code, and you need to copy it as is, hyphens included.

    3. Click on Delete Data and Start Over. * This only removes local data and doesn't affect your membership. At this point, 1Password will quit and disappear off your screen.

    4. Open 1Password again on your Mac, and there will be two choices - New to 1Password? Or Used 1Password before?

    • For memberships: Under 'Used 1Password before' select option, sign into the account.
  • I also want to set up 1Password. Have currently started a trial. I use Windows 10 on desktop/s and laptop. Also Firefox. And Android 11 on Google Pixel phone. Question: Is 1Password mainly for Apple ecosystem, therefore I should go elsewhere? In the trial stage, I intend to try it out first in W10 environment alone to learn to understand the product.

    In starting, I'm looking for a proper system description, something akin to a user manual. The link above to 'Get started with 1Password' is ok, but very simplistic.

    What are the main elements of the system?
    Can we have diagrams of screens, with parts labelled?
    From a functional viewpoint, what is the logic structure?
    What is the relationship between the W10 app, and the browser, and browser extensions?
    If I don't install browser extensisons, what nonetheless can the system do?

    There is certainly a place for the 'recipe' stuff: click in Box A, add two eggs and stir;

    But from my point of view, and the companies I deal with, we need far more of the above type information.
    Your comments would be appreciated.

  • Again, as newbie...

    I set up the account on my PC last night. It made me type in my master password AND the secret key (Phew!).
    I thought you only had to do that once.
    But this morning, I logged in, went away for a bit to read stuff on 1Password, went back to the W10 app and it required me to log in again, once more having to type in BOTH my master password and Secret Key. (I can't keep doing this...!)

    So, why did this make me type in my Secret key for a second time? Is this something to do with cookies? (For the record, we delete cookies on closing browser).

    So, I've logged in... but to what? The page has no heading, except 'Personal'. Personal what? If this is a vault, should it not say so?

    Then, I was concerned about timeout. So, I looked for Settings on this page... to increase from 10 min... but apparently no Settings button. So, if there is not a Settings button or link, how does one change the timeout?

    I noticed a '+' sign at the bottom of the page. This brings up a long list of stuff (but no 'Settings').
    Is there an explanation of what each of these items is, a list of fields in each, and how they work?
    Please advise where this info is to be found.

    One item in the list is 'Database'. Please explain what this is. Is it a structure for a hierarchical database? or relational? or something else?


  • Continuing Newbie struggles...
    What I am trying to do is work with the Base app (in Windows 10) to get used to that before using the browser.
    I want to set up some vaults, and load some existing websites and passwords to get familiar with that.
    I've logged in
    I think the page I'm on is called 'All vaults'. There is only one vault, the default vault.
    I'm trying to add a second vault. But, there is nothing that says 'Add vault'. Such a button would be helpful.

    There is an emply field at the top. Un-named. Maybe it is a search box. I type in the word 'Vault'.
    It says 'No items for selected catagory and search term'. It seems the 1Password search engine doesn't know about 'Vault'.

    I click on the '+' sign. There's a whole list of things. But no mention of 'Vault'.

    I click the menu items at the top. No mention of 'Add vault'.

    I look at the 1Password videos on Youtube. Many videos on 1Password for Mac. Virtually nothing on 1Password for Windows. It looks like this is a Mac system, and support of Windows is at best token. Unfortunate.

    I go to the Help function --> Support. There's a list of items. Nothing about setting up a new vault. So, in the Support search engine, I run a search on 'vault'. Again, nothing about setting up a new vault.

    I don't know if I'm overlooking something obvious. But, to be honest, in a past life I've written the functional specs for several computer systems, including large systems. And, this user interface, and the apparent lack of documentation leaves me puzzled (to say the least). Surely the systems designers must make provision for adding a new vault, and making this simple, easy and obvious... So, if I've overlooked the obvious, please explain.

  • @Zantho I remember being continuously confused when first using 1Password. Some things can only be done from the desktop app and some can only be done from the website. In addition, the user interface seems to follow the Apple principle of keeping it clean and minimalist. This looks good, but is confusing for new users.

    I think this is one of those functions that can only be done on the website. I cannot see a way of doing it in the Windows app, but the following page on the website has a "+ New Vault" button.

  • Thanks, missingbits. That worked. There may be introductory documentation that explains the layout of the system, the functionality associated with each part etc... but I haven't come across this. But, that would be helpful.

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    We try to keep documentation quite specific to a certain feature if we can, so I am not sure we have something as general as you are describing.

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