Error on iOS 14

Dear 1Password team,

I'm having an issue with the iPhone app. Essentially, I keep receiving the sign-in error message pictured below. When I try typing in my master password, it either doesn't take or it lets me in for a moment and then returns me to the error message.

I did a quick search to see if anyone else was having this issue, but it's possible I missed it. Apologies if you've had to answer this question already.

Hope you're all keeping safe,


1Password Version: 7.7.1
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: iOS 14.4.2
Sync Type: iCloud


  • ag_tommyag_tommy

    Team Member


    I most often see this when someone has changed their Master Password? Please ensure you are authenticating with the correct Master Password. If that doesn't sound like your issue. I would suggest reaching out to us using [email protected] where we can look into this in more detail.

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