iPhone & iPad not syncing to & from Dropbox

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I've been using 1Password for years and never have I had this issue. But I have one that started last week sometime.

I sync my 1Password vault between my iMac, my iPhone (always my CURRENT one) and my iPad with Dropbox. I only have those 3 devices, I have checked on the Dropbox site and have verified this.

I can see my iMac sync and see the updated file (new modified date/time) itself in Dropbox. I also copy files up & down from Dropbox with other apps & scripts. No issues there.

I've created new test logins on my iMac and they do not get synced with either my iPhone or iPad. I've created new test logins on my iPhone AND iPad and they do not sync to my iMac.

I've also deleted the 1Password apps from my idevices (you would think THIS would fix it, but it's not syncing to any other Dropbox location as I have verified it but I have no idea how it's getting the same info) and rebooted the idevices. I even moved the 1Password vault on Dropbox, but I'm unable to tell my iPhone (at least) where the new folder is (it keeps going to dropbox/1Password/1Password.opvault and I renamed the 1Password folder and made a new one under the Apps folder of Dropbox), but it keeps pulling the out of date info from somewhere.

Any ideas?



1Password Version: 7.8 (macOS), 7.7.1 (iOS)
Extension Version: 7.8
OS Version: Big Sur 11.2.3
Sync Type: Dropbox


  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Hi @JeffZ!

    Can you please try the troubleshooting steps in this article and see if they help?

    If you’re having trouble syncing with Dropbox

  • Hi @ag_ana.

    I followed those instructions, but still my iPhone & iPad are not syncing with Dropbox that was created on my Mac. I did do the Reset Your Dropbox Data. I deleted the 1Password file completely from Dropbox. Deleted the app from my iPhone & iPad. Restarted all 3 devices. Set up sync with Mac. Downloaded the app again to my iPhone and iPad and synced them to Dropbox. They seemed to pull some cached file from god knows where.

    Of note, the iPhone and iPad are syncing together, which makes no sense since all 3 locations are pointing to the same vault on Dropbox. I set up a new item in both items and they synced with each other.

    Also, the 1Password.opvault that was newly created has not had it's modified date changed since I created it.

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    I've created new test logins on my iMac and they do not get synced with either my iPhone or iPad. I've created new test logins on my iPhone AND iPad and they do not sync to my iMac.

    I wonder if your iOS device are actually using a different vault file. Can you check on your iPhone or iPad in the 1Password Settings > Sync tab, which file they are actually using?

  • JeffZJeffZ
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    @ag_ana I was wondering that too. I even went in my my iCloud settings - Manage Storage and deleted anything with 1Password (there are 2 items - one was about 30MB and the other was about 7.6MB). Both deleted. I deleted the iOS apps again. Rebooted the devices. Downloaded the app again and set them up. And somehow it's still pulling info from some mysterious place.

    I can see how it "might" try to use the iCloud info, but I had all devices set to Dropbox. And I did delete the iCloud data.

    I've even removed my iPhone & iPad from Dropbox's list of devices and then re-added them.

  • Hi @ag_ana!

    So I decided to create a new vault with a new name. I did that on my Mac and synced it up to Dropbox where is shows the name as NewVaultName.opvault in the 1Password folder.

    I move to my iPhone and delete the data and the app. When I go into a newly downloaded app and go to set up the sync, it only sees the OLD vault name, 1Password/1Password.opvault and syncs that OLD data (and I'm not sure from where since that file IS deleted after I unsynced my old vault on my Mac). There is no was for me to change the name or search for it on iOS and it only sees/lists the old vault, not the new one with a NEW name.


  • ag_anaag_ana

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    I can't say I have ever seen this before :( Can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing after you install the app again on your iPhone, and tap on the Dropbox option in the first screen?

  • @ag_ana I figured it out...

    Somehow the sync on the Dropbox Mac app stopped working or it got shut off. Figured this out by going into their mobile app and not seeing files that I thought had been syncing up to their cloud then started playing around with that. No wonder the iPhone & iPad only saw the old vault... because the new one wasn't actually syncing up to Dropbox.

    Thank you!

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Thank you for the update @JeffZ! I am glad to hear that everything is again working as expected then :)

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out anytime.

    Have a wonderful day :)

  • @ag_ana Thank you and you have a wonderful day too!

  • ag_anaag_ana

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