Suggestions including CC or Bankcards

Is there a way to disable the CC and/or BankCards to popup within the suggestion window? I don't like the idea that those data could be shared with some third party within a missclick?

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    Hello @disi. It is not currently possible to limit the items in the pop-up in the way you describe. Some thoughts, though:

    1. 1Password will only fill credit card details in credit card forms, so it should be fairly difficult to fill a credit card into a page and have it not be intentional.
    2. You could add your credit cards to a separate vault and exclude that vault from appearing in All Vaults. Since that vault would then not be showing, you'd effectively be removing your credit cards from the pop-up, as well. :smile:
    3. In the beta of 1Password for the browser, Suggestions are more intelligent, only showing up where they are relevant, so Credit Card items will only show up in the first place when there's actually a credit card form, again limiting the exposure.

    ref: dev/projects/customer-feature-requests#65

  • Hi @ag_michaelc, thanks for your response!

    Is there a way i can test the current beta extension? I woudl love to give you guys some feedback on this.
    Regarding 1. - well this seems valid, but since some thirdparty "viewer" or what so ever would be able to see that i've got and CC or Bankcard of a certain bank they would gain some intel on my person which also should be avoided.

  • ag_michaelcag_michaelc

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    Hey @disi, absolutely! You can find the beta links here:

    Can you clarify what you mean by this?

    some thirdparty "viewer" or what so ever would be able to see that i've got and CC or Bankcard of a certain bank they would gain some intel on my person which also should be avoided.

    Do you mean someone like over your shoulder in person, or something else?

  • Hey @ag_michaelc, well yes or even if you fill out login form while having a shared screen like in a zoom session or so. I think it should be avoided to show thrid party people in any kind of way that you are in possession of some bankcard:)

  • ag_michaelcag_michaelc

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    Got it. :smile: I wanted to make sure it wasn't a matter of a site knowing you had a credit card, since that data is not visible to sites. I understand your use case now. I do think either the improved suggestions or the separate vault option might suit you well.

  • Hey @ag_michaelc,
    just as a quick feedback the results from the beta are sufficient for this usecase as for now. the "intelligence" behind it works like expected and the CC's and BC's are not show as far as i could test it.

    Is there an expected release date for those features to the "non" Beta Version?

  • ag_michaelcag_michaelc

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    Hey @disi. That's great to hear. :smile: I don't have a date to share. I do know we have some further refinements to make around this feature, since a new stable release was recently released after this beta change and we did not promote the future to the stable version. Our beta releases are tested internally before release and offer a solid experience, so I wouldn't hesitate to continue using the beta, were I in your shoes. And, in fact, it would be quite helpful for us if you continued to use it, since this feature is important to you. That way, if you do notice instances where you see credit cards and would not expect to, you can let us know so we can improve the feature further.

  • Hey @ag_michaelc thanks for your response, i'll use the beta as of now until this feature will be released.

    Thanks for all the help.

  • ag_michaelcag_michaelc

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    You're very welcome, @disi. :smile:

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