Knox Vault (volume) recovery

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Prior to becoming a 1Password user and then a 1Password family subscriber I used Knox for years to encrypt certain sensitive personal and business files. It's run flawlessly. However, I recently upgraded to Mac OS Big Sur and while Knox "runs" and says it's up to date, my encrypted volumes or vaults have disappeared. It indicates that I can create new volumes, but it doesn't see my old volumes and if I click on "Recover" it doesn't list anything. When I googled issues with Knox volumes, it looks like Knox has been discontinued. I'm fine with transitioning things over to 1Password encrypted notes or files, or whatever, going forward, but I really need access to those prior volumes. Is there any way to recover them? Thanks.

1Password Version: Knox 2.3.2
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Mac OS 11.2.3
Sync Type: Not Provided
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    Knox is no longer available for sale. Our developer focus is almost entirely on accounts right now and will be for the next while, so further Knox development is not really happening. The last update to Knox was in June 2015.

    • As a safety precaution, I would recommend you test opening a duplicate of your vault. Once you know you can access the data, you can try other vaults.

    If you double click on the Knox vault, are you prompted to enter your password? Does the vault show up in Finder? Does it open for you, and can you access your data? It has been more than a hot minute, but I seem to recall the same issue way back when another OSX version was released, and it ended up being more of a visual thing. You're taxing my recollection. :lol:

    • I would highly encourage you to consider moving the data into 1Password. Who knows, with the amount of time that has passed and ongoing changes to macOS, at some point in the future, it could become impossible to access your data. Perhaps that a bit overly cautious, but I would not want you to lose any data.

    You mentioned that you had no trouble until Big Sur. It's possible you may need to install a VM program and an earlier version of macOS to access your data. I hope not. That's me just thinking, what if the above doesn't work sort of questions.

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