Unable to Signin using Touchbar


I am using Safari 14.0.3 on a MacBook Pro, with OS 11.2.3. When I open 1password (full mode), I am unable to signing using the Touchbar. 1PW does not present any option for fingerprint sign in. I've tried signing in using my password (it works), then exit and immediately open 1PW (to overcome the timeout feature for fingerprint). Any help please?

1Password Version: 7.7
Extension Version: 7.8
OS Version: 11.2.3
Sync Type: iCloud


  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member

    Hi @acader!

    1Password Version: 7.7
    Extension Version: 7.8

    The 1Password app and the extension version for Safari should match. If you see two different versions, perhaps this could be why you are seeing this. Can you please try quitting 1Password completely (right-click on 1Password mini in the menu bar at the top right of your screen > Quit 1Password Completely), and then relaunch 1Password? After entering your Master Password once, are you prompted for Touch ID if you lock the app?

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