What sort of change tracking is available to teams account?

We are evaluating a Teams account - seems likely we will subscribe this month.

I get that you need to upgrade to a Business account to get activity monitoring but I can see that we will have more than one administrator on our Teams account and I'd like to not have to upgrade to a Business account.

The only tracking capability I see so far in the user interface is the history in the item tab.

Is there no other tracking for Teams accounts (e.g. -user administration, vaults, etc.)? Is there any way to access logs via the command line?

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  • Rob_agRob_ag

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    edited April 11

    Hi @LewG! Welcome to the 1Password Community. That's great to hear you're currently evaluating 1Password for use with your team.

    Our team would love to get in contact with you via email to discuss more about your options here regarding tracking and reporting. When you have a chance, could you reach out to us at [email protected] and get the conversation started?

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