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The field for typing passwords when creating/editing an item on iOS is extremely hard to use.

First of all, the field is masked, even when you're trying to edit it. It reveals the actual password below (usually), but if you're trying to change one character in the password, it's difficult and requires a lot of guesswork and trial-and-error.

But sometimes the revealed password isn't available, nor does the "Reveal Password" prompt appear. I don't know why.

I think 1Password should just unmask the text field while it's being edited. The password is almost always visible on the screen at that moment anyway.

Why would I edit a password? I sometimes want to do this when I've autogenerated a "memorable" password, but it doesn't quite meet the requirements of the site (e.g. the site requires a number, capital letter, or special character); or if I made a typo and want to go back and fix it.

My intent to edit is frustrated by the next unexpected behavior of the field. While creating a new item, if you generate a password, then immediately try to edit it, the password field gets blanked out as soon as you type a character or backspace. However when you are editing an existing item, you can generate and then immediately edit the generated password. I don't know the reason for this inconsistency.

I think 1Password should let me edit the password normally at all times.

Lastly, the password field seems to have a bunch of different modes that act inconsistently, and what mode it's in is not visible.

  • Create a new login, enter a username, enter a password manually, then click the gear. Hopefully you knew that was going to generate a new password (the gear is unlabeled). Result: the generated password replaces the manually-entered password. You can't tell for sure that this happened because the password field is masked and the generation screen covers up the line that was revealing the password text.

Compare that to:

  • Edit an existing login. Optionally, click "Reveal password". Click the gear. Result: The generated password replaces your old password. You can't tell that this happened because the password field is masked and the revealed password is no longer visible.

Compare that to:

  • Edit an existing login. Tap into the password field. Click the gear. Result: the screen displays a newly-generated password, but there is no way to actually use that generated password—it can't be copy-pasted, and there is no mechanism to transfer it into the password field. You might think your original password was replaced, but you can't tell because the password field is masked. Only if you refresh the generated password, it will replace the manually-entered password (again, invisibly).

I think 1Password should have a "Generate Password" button instead of an unlabeled gear.
I think 1Password should not copy the generated password into the field unless the field is empty. Instead, there should be a button explicitly labeled that copies the generated password into the password field.
I think the password should always be unmasked during this process.

Due to these the combination of all these behaviors, here is the process I often go through when creating a new login.

Let's say I'm in Safari, filling out the website's 'create a login' form, and I tap into the password field. Result: The keyboard is displayed with a key icon labeled "Passwords"
1. Tap the key icon to open the 1Password card. Result: 1Password says "No Logins Found" and shows a "Create Login" button.
2. Tap "Create Login". Enter a username. Tap the gear. Result: an autogenerated password is filled in. (I might like to edit it now, but I can't without destroying it.) Instead:
3. Tap "Save & Fill". Result: I am returned to the website and the username and password are filled in. Tap the website's "Continue" button. It complains that the password is missing some characteristic.
4. Tap into the password field. Tap on the prompt for my new login, hoping that it will let me edit it. No luck; it just fills in the username and password again. Instead:
5. Tap into the password field. Ignore the prompt from 1Password telling me to fill the username and password. Instead, tap the key icon again.
6. The first choice in the menu displays my new login. Will this let me edit it? No luck; it just fills in the username and password again.
7. Tap into the password field again. Ignore the prompt from 1Password for the new login. Instead, tap "1Password..." Result: It looks like I'm now in the 1Password app. 1Password shows me a list which displays my newly-created login. (Also: despite me already having a login, the highest and most prominent control is a "Create Login" button.) Tap on the login I just created so I can edit it, just like I would in the 1Password app. No luck; it just fills in the username and password again.
8. Okay, I guess I need to leave Safari. I search my home screen and eventually open the 1Password app.
9. The app has no idea of my context, so I have to search for my new login. What was the name of that site again?
10. Tap the new login item.
11. Tap "Edit"
12. Tap the password field. After a little trial-and-error in the masked password field, I finally change the password to meet the website's requirements.
13. Tap "Done"
14. Tap the password field. Result: shows "Copy / Reveal / Show in Large Type"
15. Tap "Copy"
16. Go back to Safari. Tap the password field twice. Safari shows "Select All / Paste".
17. Tap "Select All".
18. Tap "Paste".

Finally I can proceed. If I've done this recently, I would hopefully remember to avoid some of the blind alleys in this process. However, it's still very annoying.

A few unrelated observations:
** If you already have a login for a site, I think "Create Login" should be shown at the bottom of the list, not the top.**
** I think the 1Password app should show recently-created items as a reasonable default when you open it. That would be more useful than "Favorites" (I have too many logins to be able to choose a small list of favorites), "Categories" (which put the actual login items an extra tap down a hierarchy that I'm not using anyway—all of my items are logins.), or "Tags" (???)**

1Password Version: 7.7.1
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: iOS 14.4.2
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    Thank you so much for taking the time to write this feedback @emclain! I will be happy to pass it to the developers, I am sure they will find it useful :+1:

    ref: dev/apple/issues#5210

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