Any way to do a mass retrieval of site .ico files?

Hello there everyone!

Once the dust settled, I ended up with 350ish logins, most of which have associated ico files from the Firefox but many which do not. Is there any way to retrieve these files without editing every entry, downloading the ico and uploading it to the entry?

Thanks for your time!

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  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member

    Hi @schwim!

    Are these custom ico files that you used, or are they the favicons of the websites?

  • Hello again and thanks for the help :)

    I'd like to just grab the favicons for the stored URL if possible rather than have to download then modify the records independently to upload an image file for each.

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    1Password automatically gets the website icon (if available) based on the value of the website field in login items. For confirmation, have you tried this approach already? This might be the simplest one, because I am not aware of a way to automatically import custom icons at the same time.

  • Hello again, I should have gone into more depth, sorry for not doing so sooner. As an example, I'll use this forum, stored in my logins as . Checking for an ico file, it's found both by my browser(used in the tab's image) as well as confirmed by a third-party site. But in my logins, this is what the record looks like, it's got the default no-value icon:

    I've edited the file to see if it would grab it on a subsequent attempt but still no joy. Am I missing something?

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    I think you might have found an exception :) The community forum was on a different URL until recently, I wonder if that is why the icon does not come up in that item. This is what it looks like for me on

    To see if this is the case, can you try using the "" URL as a test, and see if the icon appears?

  • I added both and to the record and saved but the icon remained the default.

    I looked at a few different records with the issue, like , and while it shows an icon in the browser, 1password doesn't have it stored.

    Any thoughts? Am I handling it improperly?

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member


    1Password generally doesn't use the site's favicon (or any .ico files). Instead we have our own Rich Icon service, which provides higher resolution icons, but doesn't have an icon for every site out there:

    About rich icons and your privacy

    Additionally with 1Password for Mac, 1Password for Windows, and the web app you can set user-defined custom icons. In the web app edit the item in question, and click on the icon. That'll bring up a file selector, where you can pick the image file you want to display as the icon for that item. Please note that once you set a custom icon using the web app you cannot revert to the site's Rich Icon except through the use of one of the desktop apps.

    I just created a new Login item and set the website field to and the Rich Icon appeared as expected:

    We have not yet added a Rich Icon for I do have an issue open with our team to resolve that.


    ref: dev/projects/rich-icons-issues#757

  • @Ben , thanks so much for the clarification. I misunderstood how it worked. I think there's a bit too many for me to individually download images for each one, perhaps my OCD tendencies will decide otherwise. Time will tell :)

    Thanks again!

  • DenalBDenalB
    edited April 14

    I think there's a bit too many for me to individually download images for each one

    I just did it. It took some time (ca. 400 entries), but actually it looks very good now. ;)

    And if you want here is a custom icon for the 1Password Community and ;)

  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member

    On behalf of Ben as well, you are welcome @schwim! If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out anytime.

    Have a wonderful day :)

  • schwimschwim
    edited April 14

    I just did it. It took some time (ca. 400 entries), but actually it looks very good now. ;)

    Hi there @DenalB , can I ask what your method or process was for each site? I currently don't see a way to make it fairly quick to download and update an entry with it's favicon. Google's S2 downloader is nifty except that it doesn't try to retrieve the largest available icon ( for instance, this one easily located in the page source) so the sizing makes the result useless. Searching the web for each site to find a usable image seems to be the only way I can figure out how to find something relevant and usable and that would take quite a bit of time.

    Thanks for the help!

  • @schwim

    I don't think that my method was quick or the best solution... ;)

    First I started searching for pictures, icons or logos on Google in 512x512px for best quality option in 1Password. I downloaded an icon and put it in the entry in 1Password.

    If there is also an app for a specific website I searched in Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Let's take 1Password app for testing.

    In Google Play Store you can right-click on the icon and open it in a new window. So you got this icon:
    To get this icon in 512x512px just remove "=s180-rw" from the link, and you get an icon which you could use in 1Password:

    In Apple App Store you have to right-click the icon and use the developer tools to get to some code and also one of the links to that icon.

    Just take the last link for a size in 492x492px:

    Now change the "492" into a "512" and you get that icon in 512x512px which you can use in 1Password:

    I hope it helps to get some optimized icons for your 1Password entries. ;)

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