Looking for information on sharing documents with multiple users being able to update

Sharing records (documents - such as a photograph - that don't change) is easy. How do we share a document where more than one person will be involved in adding updates? Is it possible to see that someone is modifying it? Is it checked back in after the update? Tools like Dropbox manage this pretty well but do not have the security of 1Password. Would we have to manually organise a protocol around the document to prevent two people working on the same document at once? Thank you.

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    Hi @merlinhibbs,

    Currently, every item in 1Password will contain a last modified field, providing the name of the user who made the change along with a timestamp. 1Password also has a feature called item history, which allows you to view all previous versions of an item. Items can also be reverted to a previous version to undo any unwanted modification. This could help in the case where two users are making changes to the same item at once.

    View and restore previous versions of items in your team

    I also see that your use case involves sharing a document that needs to be frequently updated by multiple people. 1Password isn't really set up for that requirement, as it's instead better suited to storing static documents and files that don't need to be changed too often, such as deeds, passports, historical records, and other similar information.

    When changes are made to a downloaded word document stored locally on a computer, for example, someone will need to manually edit the Document item to upload the latest version of the said document before it can be accessed in 1Password. Storing active documents may not be the best use case if frequent changes are needed, though it is possible.

    I hope this helps but keep me posted if there is anything else I can help you with.

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