How to change the "Flag" icon that appears for my account in the app?


Related to this thread, with comments from @ag_ana and @brenty, you indicate that is possible to change the flag icon that I have for my account on the app (macOS) in the web interface.

What I want to change is this flag:

And on my web profile, all I see are my profile icons/picture upload that I could use:

There is no flag that I can see there, so I don't know if changing that web icon would replace the flag on the client. Could you please confirm?

You might ask yourself... why doesn't he just try it? Well, because I see no way (sadly, it's not a standard in a lot of SaaS :() to go back to the default icon for my account (my initials in a flat background) if I chose another icon there or upload a picture, and I don't wan't to lose that if the change doesn't do anything to remove the dreaded flag :)

Thanks as always for your comments.

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  • rudyrudy

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    There are two separate icons you can set via the web interface, one is your personal icon that is configurable via your "profile" when you login via web. (you'd see this in the preferences window -> Accounts). The other is the family icon that you set in web -> sidebar -> "settings" (referred to here as "Family Name and Portrait".

    The one you're seeing in the mac app sidebar is going to be the "Family Name and Portrait" one.

  • Thanks for your reply @rudy.

    Sadly, I can't see neither of the options you mention. There is no such thing as "Preferences" -> "Accounts"; I only see my name -> "Profile" and, from there I can change the icon I posted before; which I assume is the same you are trying to indicate.

    Regarding the family icon, I don't know what sidebar -> settings you refer to, as I don't see anything like that on my account.

    Do I need to be on the Family subscription plan to be able to change the flag icon? Is that the issue?

    Thanks again.

  • ag_tommyag_tommy

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    Changing the icon on the profile page for a single account will change the flag icon in 1Password.

    Changing the icon for the user within family account on the profile page will result in the following.

    To change the account icon on a family account, go to and change the icon there. That will cause the flag icon to be removed.

  • Thanks again for your reply @ag_tommy, I was able to update the flag icon.

    Since your app excels in being beautiful and consistent, I have to say that there are several areas of improvements on how you manage those icons. I've encountered several quirks and inconsistencies, which makes the app seem less polished on the UI. I can imagine how low priority this would be for your team but, just in case, here are the behaviors I experienced that could be improved:

    • If I didn't ask here, there is no indication that the flag icon in the local app is related to the default, user initials on a flat background, that I could see on my profile (the "DA" [Dan_Aykroyd] icon next to my name). The flag icon doesn't even appear in the list of possible icons to chose for my profile; as I posted in my original captura, indicating (somehow) that those two could be related
    • Following the previous point, since the flag is not there to be chose, if I want to go back to it now, I can't. It got lost as a default icon that can't be reused
    • Following the same concept, when I updated the icon on my web profile, the only vault that I have (Personal), change it's icon from the grey default lock to a random one of the ones you could choose on the list. Why did this change happen? I don't like those icons, I wanted to keep the grey lock and now, again, can't go back to it because you don't display a grey lock icon in the list of possible icons to chose for the vaults
    • After updating the icon on my web profile, the local client starting behaving strangely; mixing all the icons (old and new) for a while. I had to "completely quit 1Password" from the menu tray two times to make the update and stick to what have been chosen (I'll post a capture at the end, showing three different icons, where there only should be two)
    • The default flag icon that I was talking about when I posted this, also appears as a tab icon in the "Accounts" tab preferences; further confusing the use (without prior knowledge - without asking here) that the flag is there to symbolize an account and that can't be changed (because my first item here; the flag is not there to be chosen as a potential icon for the user; hence, user thinks they are not the one and the same icon setting)
    • On that Account tab in Preferences, there was a third default icon for the account, a different kind of gray lock (I think; it's replaced by the one I set on the web now); further adding inconsistence in all of this. For a new account, you have three set of different icons to represent the account; depending on where you look: on the web, the "DA" (initials) icon, on the client sidebar, the blue lag icon (which is reused as the Accounts tab icon in Preferences) and, on that Accounts tab, a different gray lock icon next to the user account,

    Once again, I think this wouldn't be a priority for you to work on, but I just wanted to document how convoluted my experience was and how an user can encounter this and lose some confidence on the consistency of your solution

    Here's the quirk I mentioned above that took two "complete exits" to fix (notice the three different icons, where there only be two - the "flag" should update to the "keys"):


  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Thank you for all the feedback @Dan_Aykroyd! I don't believe we have immediate plans to make changes in this areas, but your experience will certainly be useful as our designers and developers continue working on 1Password :+1:

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