Is Saltstack on the roadmap?

Wondering if Saltstack is on the roadmap for integrations with Secrets Automation. If it isn't, I'd like to request that it be added to the roadmap.



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  • Carson_1PCarson_1P

    Team Member

    Hey there!

    Thanks for reaching out. Short answer, to save you needing to read further: most definitely!
    Thanks for the interest in Secrets Automation, too.

    Longer answer: This is exactly the kind of place we'd love to hear this feedback. We'd love to hear more about the use cases you have in mind, too. While we don't have a public roadmap of where Secrets Automation will grow, know that building more integrations to enable our customers in the tools and frameworks they already use are our immediate plans.

  • Would be helpful for us to be able to replace GPG encrypted secrets in Salt pillars with secrets protected by 1Password.

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