[IMPROVED] 1Password now allows you to opt your devices in to the Universal Clipboard {#5278}

[IMPROVED] 1Password now allows you to opt your devices in to the Universal Clipboard when copying information {#5278}

Hi, I was really excited to see this I the latest Release Note, I am sure it is a great feature but what is it, what does opting in allow me to do, why would I want to use it?

Thank you for your help.


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  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member

    Hi @iwaddo!

    It allows you to use 1Password content with the Universal Clipboard feature that Apple provides:

    Use Universal Clipboard to copy and paste between your Apple devices - Apple

    So you have control over whether you want this feature enabled or not :+1:

  • @ag_ana Thank you, I do use the Universal Clipboard, but I am struggling to see the use case for 1Password.

    Also, if there is a good reason to use the Universal Clipboard I doubt many users will have determined this from the one line in the Release Note, I certainly did not.

  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member


    I can think of one off the top of my head: maybe you are trying to login to one of your accounts on another computer, where 1Password is not installed, and you can quickly copy and paste the password from your mobile phone, for example.

    If you do not see a benefit in this feature, you can definitely keep it disabled (I believe that's the default value anyway) :+1:

  • rudyrudy

    Team Member


    Prior to the addition of this switch everything you copied in 1Password would be put onto the Universal Clipboard, which may or may not fall within the realm of the level of risk you want to take. By default we now only copy things device-local, if you turn the switch on it will do what we did prior to the addition, which is everything goes onto the clipboard such that it is not device-local.

  • @ag_ana @rudy Thank you both, the bit I'd missed was the change in default. I had never had the need previously, or at least not that I recall.

    Looking back I suggest the Release Note was a little misleading, it lead me to believe I now had the choice to opt in to some new functionality whereas in practise the release has changed the default to opt out but provide the option to opt in.

    At least now I will not log a ticket saying that something has broken, that I can no longer paste from one device to the other :-)

  • ag_tommyag_tommy

    Team Member


    Sounds good. I'm sorry if it confused you.

  • Where do you find the switch for Universal Cut & Paste? Mac Book Pro & iPhone 12?

  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member


    It's in the 1Password for Mac Preferences > Security tab > Allow Universal Clipboard.

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