How to generate PWs in an app, on iPhone?

How do I generate passwords in an app, on iPhone? For example -- say I'm new to Instagram and I'm primarily an iPhone user, not a computer user. I'm on my iPhone and I download the IG app. I open it up, click to create an account, create my login, then go to the create password field. How do I set up my iPhone so when I'm in the password field, 1Password will automatically generate and suggest a password to use and populate the password field? Just like on a computer browser, except in an iPhone app. Note that many companies these days offer their services only as a smartphone app, and thus there is no option for creating accounts or changing passwords in a browser setting.

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  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Hi @anunziat!

    Creating passwords on iOS is a bit different because 1Password does not use a browser extension on iOS as it does on macOS or Windows. However, 1Password can still help you with this if you use the autofill extension. You can find the instructions here:

    Save a Login - iOS

  • Got it. It's awfully complicated, lol. Why can't it be set up to automatically suggest passwords like in a browser? In any case, thank you!!

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    You are welcome! Perhaps one day it will be possible, but at the moment this is what we can do in iOS :+1:

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