Can I import Truekey data to 1Password?

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I am switching from Truekey because they forced an update that doesn't work and I am without a password manager. Is there a way to import Truekey password data (I've already exported it) into 1Password so I do not have to go through all 130+ logins I currently have.

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    I'll like to direct you over to the MrC converter suit. That should get you going. If you have any questions please continue your discussion in this thread and be sure to mention @MrC

    Moving to 1Password from another password manager — 1Password Support Community

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    ps. I also moved your topic from the 1Password in the browser section to the membership section. No worries just seems a better fit at the moment. If that's not right or something give me a mention and I'll find it a correct home. Cheers!

  • MrCMrC Community Moderator

    Hi @RussellAllan

    The link that @ag_tommy mentioned above will get you started and the README will walk you through the process. But I'm happy to help if you need any assistance with the converter.

  • @MrC hi, thanks for making the amazing converter suite. May I suggest you add a note under the bitwarden section of the readme that using "-a" flag is required for bitwarden custom fields to be imported as custom fields in 1password. Regards

  • MrCMrC Community Moderator
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    Hi @zer0r00t

    Thank you for you nice feedback! I presume it helped you get your data converted and moved into 1Pasword successfully.

    The --addfields option does indeed move into a custom fields section what would be placed as Key / Value pairs in the Notes area. That's true for all the converters. It's one of those features that is useful, and it's documented towards the end of the README, but I've always been a bit torn about it (I liken it to a junk drawer). Some users prefer these key / value pairs to be in the Notes area, some prefer to customize the converter so their custom fields get directed exactly where and how they want, and still others are fine with the section created when the --addfields option is used.

    Let me think about how I might better inform users about this. I have an idea about this.

    Enjoy 1Password!

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