How do I get 1Pass to offer to remember passwords

I have a bunch of passwords that need to be modified and I was hoping to have one password generate the password and then remember it.

I was also considering having Apple password generate a password but then having 1password remember it.

I haven’t been able to get 1 password to offer to remember it


  • How do I get one password to automatically fill in the passwords or at least offer to fill them in.

    I went into iOS settings and selected 1password as an option to automatically fill the passwords. But is there a way to further automate it so that in 1Password I can just click on the entry in 1Password and have it log me in?

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    I am confused, are you saying that one password will not offer to remember a password that you create manually or w iOS generated paswords.

    I read some where about a convoluted process where you had 1Password generate a password and then you cut and pasted it.

    I am looking at the tutorials now but was wondering if you could give me a pointer on how to get 1 password to remember the passwords

    I’m coming from RoboForm and if I made my own password or used the iOS passwords feature to generate the password, RoboForm would then offer to remember it.

    Does 1Password have an equivalent option?

  • I would like to know as well!

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    @SteveU75, @bigwrench:

    Once 1Password is enabled in the autofill settings, it should suggest the correct login details when you visit a website with a login form:

    Use 1Password to fill and save on your iPhone and iPad

    It won't do everything automatically for security reasons, but it will popup above your keyboard, suggesting login information to fill in the form for you :+1:

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