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I got 1Password on a iPhone 8. Been using itouch to open it. Bought an iphone 11 and now something strange have happened. I can’t open 1Password on my old phone with my finger because it’s not an option any longer. And when I try to write my password it says it’s wrong but I know I just have had that one and I don’t have the option to choose Forgot the password. If I could make it work with my finger again I could use it to change password and make it work on my new iPhone with Face ID. Please could anyone help me. I’m afraid that I also used my old job mail and that company does not exist anymore.. what to do. Al my relatives Apple ID are stored there and a lot of other things. Pliiiz pliiiz help a lost girl


  • @annan

    While Touch ID or Face ID can be a convenient way to access your data, they were not designed as a replacement for your Master Password.
    When you enable Touch ID, 1Password stores in the iOS Keychain an obfuscated version of a secret that is equivalent to your Master Password. The secret is used to unlock 1Password when your fingerprint is recognized. When Touch ID or Face ID fails or is disabled (due to rebooting your device, too many failed attempts, a pre-determined time configured in the settings, iOS update, etc.), the secret is deleted from the device's Keychain so your Master Password to be re-entered manually in order for Touch ID or Face ID to be able to use it again. This needs to be done from within the 1Password app, and thus requires your knowing your Master Password.

    Do you have access to another device with other authentication methods such as biometric unlocking like Touch ID/Face ID? If you do, please unlock 1Password and look for an item named 1Password Account [insert name]. This item may contain your Master Password.

    Have you tried using a previous Master Password? Perhaps it's not working due to Primary vault on the device. A Primary vault could be from before you had a membership.

    • Assumes you have a membership as you mentioned using a company email.
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