Shouldn't the "Master Password" be renamed?

Hermann.BHermann.B Junior Member

The tech world has started to think about some of its terminology and is migrating away from terms like master/slave, blacklisting/whitelisting, etc.
1Password is secured by a "Master Password" and I think this term should be changed into something more appropriate, like e.g. "Main Password".

I'm sure you already have a plan to do that. It should not be much work to just replace some strings in the user interfaces of your apps.


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  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Hey @Hermann.B

    Thanks for reaching out about this. Indeed, it is something we're looking at. :) Our 1Password for Linux app already avoids using this term.


  • jpgoldbergjpgoldberg Agile Customer Care

    Team Member

    I just want to second what @Ben said. It's happening, but it not a grand flipping of a switch. Switching the terminology within the apps is not quite as simple is just a global replacement, but it is certainly doable. It's actually harder in all of our documentation, other writings, and graphics with the text that are harder to get all consistent.

    As Ben suggesting, we are doing some of this change opportunistically. That is, when the opportunity arises to make the change in a way that won't add confusion we will usually do so. I don't think that anyone is counting how many of our git repositories have a default branch of "main" instead of "master", but that growing number reflects, internally at least, the sort of incremental process. We aren't rushing for a big (and disruptive) gesture, but we are taking opportunities to do better as the arise.

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