What are the CLI rate limits?

How often can I make requests with the CLI without hitting any rate limits? I'll be running on an automation server. I prefer this than using the 1Password Connect server. I just need to understand what will be the limitations.

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  • ag_yaronag_yaron

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    Hey @boris2339 ,

    The rate limit is from our server, and is about 50,000 calls per hour or so.
    I suggest in your scripts to specific vaults and items using their UUIDs instead of their actual names to reduce the iterations and calls every command performs. If you fetch all items of a vault constantly (or if you fetch all vaults then all items over and over) then you'll reach that limit pretty quickly, especially if you have hundreds of items/vaults.

    So instead of op get item apple , which will iterate through all vaults and all items (hundreds of calls), specify the vault's UUID where the item is, and specify the item's UUID. That will decrease the amount of calls to 2 instead of hundreds.

  • boris2339boris2339
    edited April 28

    Thank you. If any one else needs this, this is how to do it:

    op get item --vault vault-id item-uuid

    You can get the vault ID and the UUID by going to the 1Password GUI, finding the item of interest and copying the share link (top right corner of the GUI). The share link will have the vault id in the v= parameter, and UUID of the item in the i= parameter.

  • ag_yaronag_yaron

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    edited April 29

    Thanks for sharing @boris2339 .

    You can also get the UUID in the CLI if you get the info of a vault/item using its name:

    • op get vault <name of vault>
    • op get item --vault <vault name/UUID> <item name>

    The info you'll get on the vault/item will include its UUID, which you can also use for automation with scripts if you have a function that finds and stores UUIDs of vaults/items. :)

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