Separate action for Universal Clipboard copy?

mkwerlemkwerle Junior Member

I'm leery of using the Universal Clipboard option in general, but for some passwords, it's fine.

Right now, when I need to copy a password using it:

  • Setings->Security
  • Enable the option
  • Back to the password
  • Copy
  • Paste on the other device (and when I'm thinking, copy something else to clear it...)
  • Settings->Security
  • Disable the option

What'd I'd really like to do is a special option to copy to the Universal Clipboard that is different than the normal copy option. ideally, this would require a degree of intentionality -- e.g. a confirm prompt or a long press somewhere to bring up the option.

Then, I could decide where I wanted to copy the password when I was doing the copy instead of just using the default option.


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  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member
    edited April 30

    Hi @mkwerle!

    Since Universal Clibpoard is an operating system feature, I am not sure if what you are suggesting is doable: you either have the feature allowed or not, and if you do, I am not sure there are then two clipboards, one that can be shared and one that remains local. But I am not a developer, so I have asked the team for confirmation :+1:

  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member


    Looking at some Apple documentation, it indeed looks like that you cannot choose a different behavior "on the fly" the way you are suggesting:

    Options that you set apply to all the items on a pasteboard.

  • mkwerlemkwerle Junior Member

    I think that it would have to, relatively quickly:
    1. Enable the Universal Clipboard for the app.
    2. Copy the value there
    3. Disable it

    The tricky part might be that disabling the Universal Clipboard might clear the value, in which case, it would be fine with me if there was some sort of modal held open while I pasted it with a close button that cleared the value.

    Somehow, the app can choose, or my procedure in the original question would not work. The "Settings" that I mention are the application settings, the bottom right icon, not any system settings.

  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member

    Understood @mkwerle, thank you for the clarification. We can certainly keep an eye out for similar requests in the future, and see if this could be something that our developer can consider :+1:

  • mkwerlemkwerle Junior Member

    BTW, here is a visual description of what I do to temporarily enable this; as you can see, I never leave the 1Password app, so somehow, it must be possible for the app to decide whether to use the Universal Clipboard. I just want to select it explicitly when copying, not have to rely on a default.

  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member

    Got it, thank you! :+1:

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