Windows 10 - Google Chrome 90 - Auto locking is not getting turned off

The behavior on Google Chrome on Windows 10 when the auto lock is turned off is confusing.

Each time I close / restart my browser the extension does not respect the settings and locks itself. This is an annoying behavior. I believe this behavior is not the same on macOS, where the extension does respect the setting like it should.

I think I read in some of the older posts somewhere that this is a limitation of some sorts on Google Chrome on Windows 10.

If that is the case then why does a competition like Lastpass not show the same behavior. It stays unlocked across browser restarts and locks up correctly across OS lock and restarts.

Just making sure that 1Password is has gotten the around to rechecking the feasibility since some of the old posts. I want to give you the benefit of the doubt here.

1Password Version: NA
Extension Version: version 1.25.4
OS Version: Windows 10, Chrome Version 90.0.4430.93
Sync Type:


  • ag_chantelleag_chantelle

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    The version of 1Password you have installed in Chrome works entirely in your browser, without the need for the desktop app. As such its locking preferences are handled independently in the browser and will always lock when you quit your browser, for security reasons.

    If it's imperative to your workflow that 1Password remains unlocked between browser sessions then you can try using the 1Password classic extension, instead. This version integrates with the desktop app and will respect auto-lock settings that you have defined in the app.

  • Hi @ag_chantelle

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    I am not going to be using any extensions that integrate with the desktop version.

    The UX is ghastly on Windows for that classic extension, and the whole of the current Windows app for that matter when compared to the macOS native app. It's almost as if 1Password is supporting Windows only because it has to.

    Yes - I understand that that I am using the extension which works entirely in browser. I also understand the auto lock setting clearly says that it will lock when I quit the browser. However, the same setting does hold true entirely for macOS.

    The behaviors are different between operating systems.

    Last time, I checked on one of the threads in this forum this was a limitation with Windows when clicking the X button for the browser window kills the browser process and hence the extension does not retain the session. On the contrary on macOS the same exact action makes browser process linger in the background letting 1Password preserve the session.

    Any regular user does not understand these nuances.

    While, I am competent enough to understand the browser behaviors being different across different operating systems. I am failing to understand the why does not 1Password allow persisting the session like other password managers (running only in the browsers) have clearly achieved across browser restarts. Heck, they even lock up when the system is restarted.

    "Security reasons" feels like marketing boilerplate here, where others have achieved convenience.

    It would be beneficial if you elaborate the risks. Is the risk with enabling such a feature depend on how 1Password's extension works? Does this mean there is risk involved in using other password managers, who do have such features? Or is 1Password really trying hard enough to provide a better UX (for Windows users to be particular)? Probably only the product managers know.

    Anyways, that's my 2 cents as a fan and loyal customer.

    Thanks again for the response.

  • ag_yaronag_yaron

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    Hey @raisedadead ,
    Thanks for the input and feedback.

    As already mentioned, 1Password in the browser (previously known as 1Password X) is an independent extension that functions without the need of the desktop app, and as such it can only retain functionality when the browser is open, much like how the desktop app can only remain unlocked for as long as the operating system is running - even if you set it to never lock up it will still lock up when you restart/shutdown the computer.

    The differences between Mac and Windows are indeed rooted in how apps function on the operating system itself. If a user clicks the X button in an app on a Mac, the app doesn't quit, it just closes the active window but the app remains fully open in the background, so our extension can keep on living and respecting the user's settings. This is not something we did on purpose nor is it under our control :)

    Now for the good news part - we're working on some major projects currently, one of which is to release a new UI for all of our apps that will unify the experience regardless of operating system. There will be no differences in how 1Password looks and works across the devices.
    Another project we're working on is integrating 1Password in the browser with the desktop app, which will allow users (if they want to) to keep 1Password unlocked for as long as the desktop app is unlocked, which means you can keep it unlocked even if you close the browser completely.

    We don't have an ETA on that, but keep your apps up to date and stay tuned!

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