I need help with set up

I'm very new to this alarm 46 years old not very computer literate password I really was like trying to set up 1password for myself


  • And apparently my talk-to-text engine is horrible I have lost several Gmail accounts due to forgetting passwords and becoming locked out I really am moving from help in setting up 1password for myself personally to use

  • @mikeproc1 What are you needing help setting up? So members and staff, can help you best.

  • The entire program that does not walk you through it fluidly and with the recent Google Play Services System app malfunction I'm having a real hard time trusting anything's so either you tell me where to find my secret key I can do leave to

  • Telephone support would be quite helpful in this regard

  • @mikeproc1 I understand the frustration, so where are you in the set up process? The secret key is one of the first things, you receive when setting up your account. Unfortunately 1Password does not have phone support. You may reply back here or you can also email the support folks at 1Password, who can help you as well.

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    There are several places where you can get your Secret Key:

    Find your Secret Key or Setup Code

    Since you mentioned the Google Play Services, I am assuming you are using an Android device. If that's so, I can also recommend this article as an introduction:

    Get to know 1Password for Android

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