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My trial period is over. I paid my annual subscription. Why am I still on the "Starter Kit"?

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How do I upgrade from the Starter Kit to a paid subscription after my trial period expires and I've paid for my annual subcription?

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  • ag_ana
    1Password Alumni

    Hi @ralphluben55!

    By "Starter Kit", do you by chance mean the Emergency Kit document? There is no such thing as Starter Kit subscription in 1Password, so I wonder if you were referring to this instead.

    If you have paid for an annual subscription, there is nothing else for you to do: you can continue using 1Password with all its features at the end of the trial :+1:

  • ralphluben55
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    On my 1Password Account screen there is a heading below the Secret Key that says "Tags". Listed under that heading is a purple button that says "Starter Kit". What does that mean?

  • ag_tommy
    edited May 2021


    The Starter Kit is a starter item within 1Password to get you going. It contains details that will help you login into your account, such as your Secret Key, email address, and Master Password. I would highly encourage you to keep the starter kit item. The name has no bearing on the status of your account.

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