Reconfigure 1Password 4 for Dropbox on iPhone

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Had to delete 1Password 4 from my iPhone so I could reload it and point it to my Dropbox 1Password.agilekeychain. When I download it (version 4.12) and start it up it just says checking iCloud then asks for a password, but I don't use iCloud for 1Password. How do I get it back to the original config startup screen that asks if I've used Dropbox before? Thanks.


  • rwakeford
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    Settings\Sync and switch iCloud off and Dropbox on should do it.

  • MikeT
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    Hi Bob,

    Try entering the master password anyway, it might be actually Dropbox that 1Password is syncing with. We sometime show iCloud instead of Dropbox.

    If that doesn't return the data, do the following:

    1. Open 1Password, go to Settings > Sync, turn both iCloud and Dropbox off.
    2. Go to Settings > Advanced > Erase Data
    3. Reset your iCloud data
    4. Open 1Password and it should take you to the Welcome tour, select I've used 1Password before and then Sync using Dropbox.

    That should help you get back on track with 1Password.

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