Entry not deleting properly on the iPhone

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I search for an item. Search finds two items for the search parameter. I open one. I click Edit. I click Delete and verify it. The screen returns to the search results, but the deleted item is still there. I can still go it, edit it, delete it again. Shouldn't it be removed from the search results after I delete it?


  • Hi @TomWolsky,

    I'm not sure that's a bug just yet, let me explain first and you can tell me if it is different.

    Two reasons:

    1. It's there to give you a last chance to restore the data since there's no trash can in the iOS app but it'll be gone as soon as you select another item. Test this by repeating the process but this time, select the second item and go back, the item should technically be gone.
    2. The search results are cached, it's not cleared as soon as you go back to it after editing one of the results. You have to clear the search and search again. The iOS app caches a lot to reduce the number of disk read/writes since you have limited resources in a mobile device. Try searching again and see if that'll clear the deleted items.
  • TomWolsky
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    1. That's it. When I go to another item and come back to do a search for it again, the item doesn't appear.
  • Great, I'm glad it worked like that.

    I'll pass it on to the developers to see if we can update the list quicker without having to select another item.

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