autofill not always showing up on native android apps

There are instances when 1password will not show up in a native Android app to fill username and password.
The only way then login is to switch to the 1password app and copy and paste the credentials and password.
Would be great if there is a way to force 1password to show autofill popup.

Have a Samsung s20 FE, with gboard as keyboard.
Running latest 1password


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    Hey @Orado, welcome to the Forum!

    I'm sorry you're experiencing filling issues in certain apps, and we really appreciate when you bring these issues to our attention. Could you tell me which apps you're having trouble with so I can test them on my end?

  • I'd like to jump on this thread and I hope you don't mind. I'm trying to make the jump from Bitwarden to 1P, and I've found the same issue on Android (Samsung Galaxy S21 ULTRA running Android OS 11). I have attached a picture where Bitwarden (which I've uninstalled) would normally pop up it's autofill box when tapping on the username or password fields, 1PW doesnt. Furthermore, Bitwarden has two Quick panel buttons that trigger it's autofill to be pop up, and I don't see that 1PW has any Quick Panel buttons.

    So it's like @Orado said: you have to leave the app and manually copy back and forth from 1PW. I have a photo attached, not that it's really helpful.

    Thank you both for letting me piggyback here.


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  • Oh and I've tried the tap and hold recommendation , and then the ellipsis pops up, and I then tap Autofill and I get the toast message "Contents can't be autofilled".

    Any help would be great. Thank you! I really want 1P to work; 🤪

  • Would it be possible to integrate with gboard to force a autofill pop-up?

  • This is why I left 1pw and use bitwarden I really wish 1pw would fix this

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    Hmm my photo post didn't... post. Lemme try again.

    Pics to help explain

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    @FrankBreech, thank you for providing those screenshots. I can't speak for the way that Bitwarden works, but we'd surely love to learn as we're always looking to improve!

    @Orado, thank you for your feedback, and I'll be sure to pass it along to our development team.

    I do have some good news though! We're working on some exciting Autofill improvements that will be rolling out hopefully soon that should resolve all of the above issues you've both mentioned as well as make your filling experience much more seamless :) Please keep an eye out for our upcoming updates!

  • Any update on the update? Still have the same problem on some apps. Mogo being one.

    Also that was a bizarre comment about not knowing how BitWarden works. Shouldn't you have people that are using all the competitors software so you can see what they're doing and how? Maybe you just meant you, personally, but it's not a great look for you, the company.

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    No update yet, but please ask again this Friday ;)

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