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iAccounts to 1Password?

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I am looking to change over from iAccounts (Venticento Studio) to 1Password. I have bought a new iPhone and noticed that iAccounts is no longer available to download from the App Store. The developers website also seems to be gone.

My problem is I need the accompanying ‘iBackup’ program for Windows in order to export everything from the iOS app before then importing it in to 1Password. I do not have access to this program as I cannot find it.

Would anyone here have a copy of Venticento Studio iBackup for Windows? Maybe someone has also been through this migration and may have the Windows program lying around? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


  • MrCMrC
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    The apps do not appear to have been crawled / stored by the Wayback Machine. Here's the EOL notice that was sent out, made available.


    The links to the downloads do not work.

    At the end of the EOL notice, it explains how to email your export. However, if you cannot install the app, it's of little use.

    Be careful of any downloads of the software by unknown / un-trusted users. The 1Password folks will strongly encourage not using any such software, and I'd agree with that position.

  • ag_anaag_ana
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    Perhaps the developers of iAccounts could offer you a downloadable file if you reach out to them via email. Have you tried that already?

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