How to Get Rid of "Vulnerability Alert: Two-Factor Authentication Available"

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I had to provide my Facebook password on my iPhone, and I opened up my 1Password App. I saw the following image:

I use my Microsoft Authenticator app for all my 2FA codes, including Facebook.

How do I get rid of this purple message?

I have my recovery codes in my notes. So that is handy.

As an aside, from the instructions given on your website, I get the impression that 1Password could provide the codes instead of Microsoft Authenticator. Am I correct? Even if true, my preference is to stay with Microsoft Authenticator. I have Microsoft 365, and the authenticator makes my life easier because it allows me to access my stuff without having to enter codes.

Thank you for your assistance.

1Password Version: 7.7.3
Extension Version: not applicable
OS Version: iOS 14.5.1
Sync Type: 1Password


  • ag_tommyag_tommy

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    Try adding a tag "2fa" to the item. Please be careful with its use. I would also recommend adding a tag to your item to reference where the 2FA is located. Something like "2fa" to dismiss the prompt and "MSAapp" so you know the item is contained there.

    1Password can indeed fill these codes for you if you like. If you scanned the same code into 1Password and the MS authenticator app, you'll always have a backup of the codes and can use 1Password to autofill those if needed. Then there will be no need for the tags. Something to think about. :chuffed:

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