Local vaults supported?

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I was wondering if local vaults are supported in 1Password for Linux? I'm in need of 1Password on a Lubuntu VM and having a local vault is a better fit for my needs than a 1Password.com account.

1Password Version: Not Provided
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_OS Version: Lubuntu 21.04
_Sync Type: Local


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    Hello @eisnerguy1, and welcome to the forums. 👋

    Our all-new 1Password for Linux does not have support for local vaults. A 1Password membership is required as our Linux app relies on 1Password.com to do a lot of the heavy lifting. You can subscribe to any of our hosted regions in the US (1password.com), Germany (1password.eu), or Canada (1password.ca) and your data is yours and always accessible, even if your subscription lapses.

    I hope that helps. Please let me know,


    P.S. I love your avatar! 🤩 Some wonderful memories there. 🤗

  • eisnerguy1eisnerguy1 Junior Member

    @dteare Thanks! Ah, gotcha. Thanks for clearing that up. I'll probably end up getting a 1Password membership at some point. Money is just a tiny bit tight right now since getting laid off this past January :(

    Thanks! I found the icon from a 1Passwd-1.5.3352.dmg file from the internet archive. I'm pretty sure that's the version that was available from the first MacHeist. I could be wrong though.

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    Could you shoot me and my team an email at [email protected] so we can see what we could take a look to see if we have any promotions available for a 1Password Membership? 😊

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    @eisnerguy1 love the icon! Amazing Photoshop skills by @dteare at the time. People told him "don't quit your day job" after seeing it 😂

  • eisnerguy1eisnerguy1 Junior Member

    @Blake Sure, I'll do that now. Thanks!
    @roustem Thanks! After finding some incredibly old stuff in my 1Password vault, I figured it was only appropriate to have that as my forum avatar. Hahaha 😂 Thats awesome :D I didn't know that @dteare created the 1Passwd icon.

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    I see you've been in touch with my colleagues over email. :smile: Feel free to let us know if we can help out with anything else!

    ref: KWJ-35233-973

  • eisnerguy1eisnerguy1 Junior Member

    @Dayton_ag Yeah, everything is all good on my end. I've got 1Password on Linux all set up. I even made a shell script to update 1Password and then a Desktop shortcut to have it run in Terminal. I then added the 1Password Updater icon from macOS to finish it off:

    I'll will definitely keep that in mind. Thank you all for your help. The 1Password team seriously rocks! :chuffed:

  • Dayton_agDayton_ag

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    @eisnerguy1 Wow, looks like you're all set up! :love: Enjoy, and thanks so much for supporting 1Password. 💙

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