Chrome OS

So I just got a Chromebook today and downloaded 1password from the play store, which it allowed me to do.

When I try and sign on to an app, I see the option to supply credentials from 1password but selecting it does not fill the fields?


  • periperi

    Team Member

    Hi @rschmetzer. Thanks for reaching out! Can you let me know if you're having this problem in all apps, or if it's limited to one app in particular?

  • Thanks Peri!

    I believe I'm fixed. Seems I had both the Chrome extension and the older Windows desktop extension both installed, although why Chrome OS would allow me to install the Windows extension....

    Anyway, I uninstalled the Windows extension and the Chrome extension immediately took over and I seem to be good to go.

  • periperi

    Team Member

    Thanks for the update, @rschmetzer. I'm glad you got it sorted out!

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