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Dave Essel
Dave Essel
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I searched around a bit but could not find this function: sometimes when browsing in Safari, where I have all my bookmarks etc, I might for example decide I want to buy something. At that point, I would like the ability to choose Open in 1P Browser so as to access and fill in stuff stored in 1P.
In the 1P Browser, I easily found the Open in Safari function, but I think the reverse would be rather more useful!
Is it there and have I missed it? If it isn't, can it be done?


  • Hi @Dave,

    Are you using 1Password 4 for iOS? If yes, then just add op to the beginning of the site address in the address bar, press enter and that'll open it in 1Password.

    So, if you're visiting and you want it to open in 1Password, type op to make it op and it'll open that site into the 1Password's browser.

    You can also create a bookmarklet if you want to automate this. This FAQ topic should help.

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