1Password for Linux, 8.1.0-6


Hello, everybody!

Last week was, of course, a huge week with our first ever stable release of the new 1Password Core. Despite that, the development team kept on racing ahead because there is so much more that we want to do! This week's release includes some great new features, such as two factor authentication through Duo, and a password generator for security questions. Along with that, we've fixed a variety of bugs, continued to improve the internal architecture, and cleaned up some of the visual styling.

Security Questions

We all know them. Those questions that websites ask you that should provide an alternate way to identify you should you forget your password.

But... how secure are these, really? While maybe challenging, most of those questions are of innocuous parts of our personal history. They are things we likely do not actively keep hidden, and so might be easily findable on the internet. For instance, there are people who know me who know exactly when and where my partner and I met, my mother's maiden name cannot be that hard to discover, and the model of my first car is likely part of public record here in the United States.

For a while we've been able to save answers to your security questions for you, but starting this week we go a step further and can generate a random answer for you. This is something you can easily read over the phone if you need, but which is just as secure as any other pass phrase. Plus, we have it safely stored in your secure vault.

We also added some of the most common questions for you to choose from, but you can always replace the question with whatever you want.

Suddenly, the only thing your security questions might reveal about you is that you use a password generator even for those!

Installing and Upgrading

You can always download the latest stable release on our website.

On DEB and RPM-based systems, if you install the stable release, your system will automatically track the stable releases. We expect to make a stable release of 1Password every one to two months, but we will continue to release the beta version every week. If you wish to track the beta channel, download from the beta page, instead.

Beta releases are more likely to have regressions than stable. At any time, you can edit these files again to switch back to the stable channel.

That is it for this week! See you again next week with yet more great things.

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