Linux version asks for "account password"

Enter your password
You need to enter your account password before you can use system authentication

Its not the linux account password, nor the master password, nor my DE's wallet password. Cant log in. Browser extension works. Im on KDE/arch. Updated the old read-only version. Thanks.

1Password Version: 80034001
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Linux
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Hey @ufha8dhifsdi

    This would be the password for the 1Password account that you've added to 1Password for Linux. It would be the same password you use to sign in using the web app at

    Please let me know if that helps. :)


  • sarvapasssarvapass
    edited October 29

    1Password appears to create a new wallet in KDE named 1Password for Linux.
    It encrypts this wallet with either Blowfish or your OpenGPG key.

    For Blowfish you chose a username and password.
    For OpenGPG it would be insane if your keys are not passphrase protected. ;)

    I do not know why, but it also sets the default wallet on your system to 1Password for Linux. (See KDE Wallet after fresh 1Password install)
    Because of this, other applications requesting access to the default wallet, now suddenly also ask you to key in your Blowfish username and password or OpenGPG passphrase.

    In any case the only wallet that KDE unlocks during user logon is the default kdewallet.

    Hence, on a fresh logon to your desktop, when you first access the new 1Password for Linux wallet, be it via 1Password or another application accessing the wallet, you are asked to either enter the Blowfish username and password or your OpenGPG passphrase.

    It gets even more annoying if you also use a yubikey in combination with your OpenGPG keys.
    Depending on your setup you then might have to:

    • unlock 1Password
    • insert yubikey
    • key in pin
    • touch yubikey

    I wonder if 1Password could not just use the default kdewallet.

    See also:

  • BlakeBlake

    Team Member

    Howdy @sarvapass 👋

    I can see where it looks like you're chatting with Savanni over here about this, so we'll continue the conversation there. 😄

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