What is everyone doing to work with underage kids accounts? Trouble deciding

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That fateful day is upon me. Starting to make gmail & appleid's for my girls. ugh. "a taste of things to come" as they say.

Anyways, by natural extension I wanted to check 1password off the list. I've been brainstorming how this would work, and im leaning towards having access to my kids accounts. At least for a good long while until late in their teens. Don't like it, tough. @Ben made a post in another thread https://1password.community/discussion/112140/eliminate-kids-private-vaults-kids-only-share-vault-with-parents awhile back and it sounds like his suggestion is a good starting point to allow them access to a password manager, but still allow me access to their accounts

I've not even finished curating my setup so I havent been able to deep dive thoroughly enough to know the intricacies but after a cursory glance, it seems the only way to hide private vaults from their use is through the client settings ala Vaults > Show in All Vaults checkbox?

If so, that means in order to circumvent that (even though there will always be ways around, i was a kid once after all) they'd simply need to go into settings and tick that box?

Does this mean the only way to accomplish having access to your kids passwords while still allowing them use of the password manager is literally keeping their secret key and passcode and logging in through the browser if the need arose or something?

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  • Actually I'm managing my kids accounts in my private vault. They don't know the Master Password of my account, and they don't need it as long as they want to manage their own passwords. 1Password app is installed on Laptops and iPhones of my kids, but only I am using 1Password there.

    Maybe later I have to think about creating a 1Password Family account, so that my kids have their own accounts. ;)

  • I'm not sure im entirely following your approach. To use 1password on say an iphone, dont you need to log in from time to time, even outside of modifications? Otherwise it wont autofill? If you have your account on their devices how are they using it yet not having access to all your personal data?

  • Yes. You have to log in for auto-filling. I enabled a pin code which they don't know. So my kids are not able to use auto-fill. But that's okay. They don't need passwords. When they have to log in, I log them in. ;)

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