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Ok so I go to on my mobile device. I already have Wells Fargo saved in 1password & it works 100% fine on my Acer 513 spin Chromebook. Also, >>>>We have 2 Samsung note 9 android phones.

We decided to try an experiment on one of the Galaxy Note 9 phones we have Bitwarden and LastPass on one of the Galaxy Note9s and on the other just 1 password.

The Galaxy Note 9 with Bitwarden / LastPass works correctly 100% of the time it recognizes 5/3 bank Schwab and fills in the username and password. And** no issues with ANY of our log ins.
We then switched devices and put last pass and Bitwarden/LastPass on the other note 9 and 1password on the other one >we swapped them< around to make sure it wasn't the note 9 causing the issue & we found out that it's not an issue with the note 9.

1password fills in only the user ID on these sites & with a few others we get the same results.

I don't understand why this happens I really like 1 password, but I can't use it 100% correctly on my mobile phone. I KNOW all the permissions are granted everything is done correctly & autofill is turned on.

I'm not trying to promote Bitwarden or LastPass here. BUT those 2 work correctly on both my Chromebook & my note 9 mobile phones.

I'll give you the URLs below you can try them yourself.

Here is what I do so you can replicate the issue (hopefully)

So, I get on my mobile phone & put the following URLs in the Chrome browser on my note 9 and with Bitwarden and LastPass these 2 recognize these sites and ask me if I want to fill & save I click yes & it does fill in the user ID & password.

** If I use the app for those sites instead of typing in the URL .it does the same thing it fills on the user ID but not the password.

I went to the Google Play Store and I download the 1password the Bitwarden and the LastPass apps from Google play then I used my Acer 513 Chromebook put all my passwords in. & then synced them to my note 9.

I don't want to have to make a new log in for all these websites just so they work on my mobile device.

With Bitwarden or LastPass, you don't have to make two separate logins on any sites they work fine on both my Android phone and my Chromebook they fill in all the information on any of the websites without an issue. >> it seems to work on PNC today...BUT I had to make another site & save it, so now I have 2 PNC bank log ins... Why did I need to do that?? I don't need to do that with Bitwarden or LastPass.>>&gt; Won't FILL ANYTHING AT ALL on 1password all ok on Bitwarden or LastPass.>>>&gt; same thing with Fifth Third I had to make an extra account, so now I have two Fifth Third Banks

why do I have to do that it makes no sense now I have two of them one will work on the Android

so far my only solution is to use 1 password on my computer and most likely Bitwarden on my cell phone

it's frustrating

I hope over the next few months you can fix this, so I can use one password on both devices.

Otherwise, I'm not going to want to become a paid member.

The only solution I was provided with from 1password support is this to "fix" it>>>

Open 1Password on your Android device.
Tap Categories, then tap the blue + icon.
Tap Login, then fill in your Wells Fargo Login credentials, including the username, password, and website. Name this Login differently from your original Wells Fargo Login, such as "Wells Fargo New".

Go to your Wells Fargo app and tap on your newly created Wells Fargo Login.
If you've confirmed that 1Password fills both your username and password,

you can delete the original Wells Fargo Login that only allowed you to fill the username. Then, you can proceed to do the same above steps for the other Logins that you were having trouble with.

I don't want to have to go through all this with so many passwords to make this change, Again, with LastPass or Bitwarden you don't have to go through these extra steps to make it work.... it's a hassle.**

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  • I've had continuous issues like this with 1Password since I started using it in 2018. The other day, I decided to check out the advances of other password managers. The one I'm trialing right now is SafeInCloud password manager; and so far, I find it much more user friendly, and there are more options for filling in passwords than 1Password. The 1Password dev team has been asked to fix the kinks in auto-filling, especially after they discontinued the 1Password keyboard (a step in the wrong direction), but they simply never got around to it. So this week, I decided to switch over to SafeInCloud (which costs a one-time payment of like $8) and cancel my yearly 1Password subscription. Maybe if the support team would offer a response other than, "we don't plan to implement that feature" or "this is how the UI is on mac, so we will keep it this way". blah blah blah

  • Well they keep telling me that it's not a problem and it is a problem LastPass and bit Warden work perfect I shouldn't have to go through these extra steps I'm really frustrated

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    Hey @kram5819, I've responded your email. Please continue our conversation in one place.

    @ericchase, thank you for your input, and I'm sorry to see that you've decided to head in another direction. We actually have some very exciting Autofill improvements coming soon, so if you decide to give 1Password another try afterwards, we'd be happy to help you :)

    ref: KTR-94662-985

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