Improve fields and tags when importing from a csv

  • Platform: any (Windows desktop app, Web app, etc)
  • Issue:
  1. When importing items from another app, the folder location of the items on the old app becomes a new field of the items on 1Password after transferring.
  2. While at the moment, this helps me to add tags easier, it's still a manual step to add tag. In addition, I don't like the new field. For example, if my items was in the "Main" folder of the old app, after transferring, it has a new field called "Group" with value "Main".
  • Desired behaviour:
  1. Would be great if 1Password does support folders.
  2. Otherwise, using tags will do for now. But can we add tag during importing csv?
  3. How do I edit multiple items at once to get rid of the new field "Group" as described. Doing them manually one by one is a pain.

Thank you very much for reading the question and thanks in advance for the answer.

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  • MrCMrC Community Moderator


    CSV import is often very basic in password managers, and 1Password is no exception here.

    The csv converter in the converter suite can do what you need (or if you are coming from another password manager, there may be a converter for that PM).

    The converter suite can add arbitrary tags, and for password managers that have a folder mechanism, it will make tags from folders (and used to make 1Password folders also, but those are no longer supported, so I've disable that feature in the converter suite).

    If you're interested in this, just follow-up here and I'm happy to assist.

  • midmid
    edited June 7

    Thanks a lot for a quick and thorough reply. My importing work was done but I will bookmark this to try and use in the future.

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