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Keyboard shortcut to fill/cycle between login fields in website

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The option as shows in the mac app's item menu at the top bar show the keyboard shortcut to fill login in browser as : Option Command Return

However this option is not working for me. How can I fill and cycle between logins in a website without using mouse?

1Password Version: 1Password 7 Version 7.8.5 (70805001) 1Password Sto
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  • ag_tommyag_tommy

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    1Password keyboard shortcuts may be helpful to you.

  • iCloudiCloud
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    Thank you.. I had figured out the shortcut in the mean time. The fill password shortcut only works if there is only one item per website however.

  • iCloudiCloud
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    The keyboard shortcut of fill login is able to do as it says when there is one password saved for the website. However it does nothing when there are multiple logins saved for the website. Is it a known bug? Could it be made to cycle between logins?

  • ag_anaag_ana
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    Hi @iCloud!

    However it does nothing when there are multiple logins saved for the website.

    When there are multiple logins for the same website, 1Password mini should appear, with the list of possible logins so you can choose the one you want. Is this not happening to you?

  • iCloudiCloud
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    I am able to recreate this in different websites. If I have one login ID saved, it fills the form, but having multiple login IDs does not fill out any form. This happens when I have disabled the browser addon setting of "Show autofill menu on field focus".

    When I activate the browser addon setting of "Show autofill menu on field focus", it shows the drop down menu in the form field. But that is the intended behavior of when the field is manually focused. It does not have anything to do with the keyboard shortcut to fill logins.

    In the 1Password Mac app, there are two type of keyboard shortcuts to auto fill logins in the preference> general.

    Option1. "Show 1password": It does as it says (brings up the 1password mini) but selecting an entry from it actually opens a new tab in the browser instead of filling forms in that page.

    Option 2. "Fill Login or Show 1Password": This is what I want, and it fills the login fields in the browser if there is one set of login entries saved for the website. However, if more than one set of logins are saved for the website, neither does it fill the forms, nor does it brings up the 1password mini.

    Please see if you could recreate the scenario on your end. (All latest versions, non-beta)
    In an ideal scenario, there should be one shortcut to bring up the 1password mini, and a separate shortcut to fill login, which should cycle between available logins upon pressing the shortcut again. The current state of the option 2 also doing the work of option 1 is a bit confusing and not working as I showed in the above scenario.

  • ag_anaag_ana
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    What version of the browser extension are you currently using?

  • iCloudiCloud
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    Mac OS: 11.4
    1Password App: Version 7.8.5 (70805001)

    Firefox: 89.0 (64bit)
    Firefox Addon: 2.0.2

    Also same problem reproducible in

    Chrome: Version 91.0.4472.77 (Official Build) (x86_64)
    Chrome Add on: 2.0.2

  • kaitlynkaitlyn

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    @iCloud – Thanks for the heads up. Ana was describing the experience for our Classic extension. You're completely right in that 1Password in the browser is set up to automatically fill using ⌘-\ only if you have a single item stored for the website you're visiting. We're working towards bringing the same functionality as before where 1Password will appear if you have multiple items.

    ref: dev/core/core#7602

  • iCloudiCloud
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    Glad to know that the feature was there previously and happy that I could point it out to be included in future updates. I would suggest however, if we could take it as an opportunity to not only bring back that feature but to improve it. The suggestion is to isolate the keyboard shortcuts of opening 1password mini and filling forms. For example if the user has just two sets of login saved then there is no need to bring up the mini interface, if only a cycling of logins could achieve it interface-lessly. The mini interface should be voluntarily be summoned in case someone needs to chose from multiple login IDs. The reason why I am suggesting not to mix up the keyboard shortcuts for different actions is the unpredictability that it comes with it. A keyboard shortcut should have a predictable effect. Waiting for the keyboard shortcut to do an unpredictable action is against UX principles. For example, here is a scenario, I don't remember in which website how many logins I have stored. In my usual workflow, I tap my keyboard shortcut to fill the login IDs and that is predictable behavior of my intended keyboard shortcut. But i browse into another website where also I repeat the same action of hotkeys to fill the form, but instead of filling the form, it brought up an interface, showing a whole interface with many additional information that I did not call for. All I needed was to fill the login, and if it has two, let me press the keyboard shortcut again as a rectifying move to fill the next available login. But popping up an interface needs more activity from me and on top of it, it is a distraction from my workflow. Each interface should have their designated effects, I should not be hoping for filling the form and be thrown at with a interface for which the shortcut was supposed to be something else. This unpredictablility is not making the workflow easy. Instead if you could advocate to your developer team about the UX aspect of it, requesting them to separate these two actions with two separate shortcuts, that will be great. I hope I could express what I want to convey. I would love to clarify what I mean and why even a small user experience makes a huge difference in perception about how the software behaves.

    tl;dr: Please try isolating hotkeys for mini interface , and automatic form filling, with the later cycling through the logins upon subsequent keypresses of the same hotkey. The intent here is predictability and ease of use, without opening the mini mode when things could be accomplished without the interface. Thank you.

  • ag_yaronag_yaron
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    Thanks for the suggestions @iCloud .

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