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When use 1password k8s connector and operator running in namespaceA, how do I map onepassworditem to secret in namespaceB in the same cluster.

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  • James_1PJames_1P

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    There are two requirements to have the operator running in one namespace but creating secrets in another namespace.

    First the operator needs to be configured to watch both namespaceA and namespaceB. If you deployed the operator with helm this can be done by providing a custom list to the operator.watchNamespace variable (more details). If you deployed the operator directly you can see the configuration docs for details on setting the WATCH_NAMESPACE variable.

    Once the operator is watching namespaceA and namespaceB you can create a secret in namespaceB by setting metadata.namespace on the OnePasswordItem CRD, or by annotating a deployment or pod in namespaceB with the annotation.

  • For operator.watchNamespace do I add value as "ns1, ns2", or "[ns1, ns2]"? Thx!

  • James_1PJames_1P

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    For operator.watchNamespace it is expecting an array so I beleive it is the latter, "[ns1, ns2]"

    You can also use a values.yaml file to store the configuration in a file with formatting like

            - ns1
            - ns2

    and then reference that file in your helm install command with -f values.yaml

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