I just joined my mother's family account. How do I transfer my existing vaults to this new account?

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I already have a valid 1Password.com subscription myself but have now joined my mother's Family 1Password.com subscription.
In 1Password for Windows, I'm now signed into both this new family account and my "old" standalone account. How do I transfer my existing vaults over to the new family account?
Also, is there any kind of reimbursement for my standalone account as I believe I recently renewed it for a year?


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    We only answer account-specific questions/requests via our ticket system for your privacy, safety, and security. Please reach out to us using [email protected]. Be sure to use the email address tied to the account in question. One of my colleagues would be more than happy to help you.

    Perhaps the easiest method to transfer items between accounts is to install both accounts in the app and then move any items to the desired account.

    • Please take care to make sure any documents are moved and not left behind.

    Move and copy items

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