Me and Wife using Families

I have been paying for families for a few months now and my wife has not been able to use her account. The password was working on phone but not PC for some odd reason. I reset her password and its now working. (wasted money for a few months) but that isn't why I'm asking for help right now.

The reason I need help today is because my hotkeys for my 1password are working fine, but for her the Ctrl + \ to auto insert the username / password is not working. I have setup the website (Gmail) to work but when she presses the key, nothing happens. Any ideas?

1Password Version: Latest
Extension Version: N/A
OS Version: Windows 10
Sync Type: 1pass
Referrer: forum-search:hotkey not working


  • ag_tommyag_tommy

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    The extension you (she) has installed is likely 1Password in the browser (formerly 1Password X), not our classic extension. The newer extension only works with our memberships. It also has its own shortcut for filling details. Command (Control) + Shift + X If you switch to our classic extension, it should solve the trouble you're having. 🙂 1Password in the browser is far more capable at filling harder site logins and can make use of Touch ID and so on. I would highly recommend trying it out for a bit before returning to the classic extension.

    Get to know 1Password in your browser

    Get the 1Password classic extension

  • BuMmRBuMmR
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    No, she has the actual program installed on her windows 10 pc. Has the mini and she can open the whole program. I checked the settings and it says Ctrl + \ but it doesn’t work. Mine works fine on my desktop and iPhone, hers will only work on the phone but not the pc.

    I will try what your saying but I just don’t know. Very frustrating for her she says she has to actually open 1Password program and copy her password then go back to the site and paste it in.

  • ag_tommyag_tommy

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    What extension is she using?

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