1Password creates a lot of unwanted directories in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME.


I'm using 1Password version 8.0.34 on Void Linux, so from tarball. It basically works as expected, but there is this one thing that's driving me crazy: every time I launch 1Password, it creates the following directories in my ~/.config (the value of $XDG_CONFIG_HOME):
drwx------ - f 7 Jun 12:17 BraveSoftware
drwx------ - f 7 Jun 12:17 google-chrome
drwx------ - f 7 Jun 12:17 google-chrome-beta
drwx------ - f 7 Jun 12:17 google-chrome-unstable
drwx------ - f 7 Jun 12:17 microsoft-edge-dev
drwx------ - f 7 Jun 12:17 vivaldi
drwx------ - f 7 Jun 12:17 vivaldi-snapshot

I'm not using any of these browsers and I'm very concerned about keeping my dotfiles clean (OCD-like thing), so the pure existence of it, although not harmfull in anyway, hurts my brain ;-)
Any idea, how can I get rid of it?

Bonus question: what about AppImage? Before the official release there was an AppImage for 1Password on the official website and I liked it more. Current options are: snaps, rpms and debs (all of them unacceptable for me - I won't use distribution shipped with systemd via default) and this tarball, which works, but has some flaws (for example post install script has /opt/1Password hardcoded, which is kinda not ok). Any chance to get AppImage back?

1Password Version: 8.0.34
Extension Version: none
OS Version: Not Provided
Sync Type: Cloud


  • ftpdftpd

    Any idea, how can I get rid of it?

    I mean: how to avoid creating them in the future. Please don't tell me I can simply delete them, because I do and they're coming back ;-)

  • ragectlragectl
    edited June 8

    I came here to express the same complaint.

    I also keep track of my ~./config folder as a git repo, and I avoid adding unnecessary files to that structure.

    1Password logs show it creating directories for a Chromium, Google Chrome/Chrome Beta/Chrome Unstable, Microsoft Edge, Vivaldi/Vivaldi Snapshot, and Brave. All web browsers I don't have installed. What is the point of that?

    Please update the Linux client to better detect which browsers are installed, before shotgunning configuration files over the disk.

  • roustemroustem AgileBits Founder

    Team Member

    I think the problem that without these directories the browser integration will be broken. The alternative could be for 1Password to scan the system and check which browsers are installed — it is also does not seem to be optimal for the system performance/battery life.

    We should certainly make sure these directories are not being created when the browser integration is disabled.

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